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Planning on taking a road trip this summer? According to a new study conducted by Ipsos, some Canadians are rethinking their travel plans due to rising gas prices. In fact, 47% of Canadians say high fuel costs are making it less likely that they will take a summer road trip this year and 62% say these escalating costs will also affect their general household budgets.


Luckily, Canadians aren’t giving up their vacations altogether. Instead, many are adapting their lifestyles in more long-term ways, like switching to electric vehicles and hybrids. According to the same study, almost 40% of Canadians are considering more fuel-efficient electrified vehicles to avoid spending more money at the pumps.



Vice President of Toyota Canada Stephen Beatty thinks there has never been a better time to try out an electrified option like a plug-in or a fuel cell option.


“Looking ahead, we’re not surprised that 52% of Canadians are likely to purchase an electrified vehicle in the next five years. As a leader in this space, Toyota is thrilled to see their value being recognized – not just for their impact on the environment, but for the potential impact on their wallets too,” says Beatty.


Toyota Offers an Electric Car for Every Alberta Driver


With more Alberta drivers looking for ways to lower their fuel budget, Toyota has seen sales of electric vehicles soar. In fact, 6.7% of their total sales in April were made up of electrified vehicles.


The Toyota RAV4 hybrid is responsible for a large portion of that increase with more than 2,112 units sold, making it the best-ever month for Toyota electrified vehicle sales, ever!



Vehicle Type Category Combined Fuel Consumption
2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Hybrid Electric Compact SUV 6.0L / 100 km*
2020 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid Sedan 4.3L/100km*
2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Hybrid Electric Compact Sedan (Anticipated) Less than 5.0L/100km*
2019 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electric (currently Quebec only) Sedan (Estimated) 500 km driving range*


Decrease Your Fuel Consumption & Save Money


While electric vehicles will definitely help lower your bill at the pumps this summer, Natural Resource Canada also recommends following these tips:


  • Avoid idling
  • Be consciences of your air conditioning usage
  • Use the navigation to avoid accidents and construction
  • Use cruise control when able
  • Remove roof or bicycle racks and avoid any excess weight
  • Avoid roads with frequent stops and try to stick to highways
  • Use a fuel consumption display and learn how to track it


By making a few small changes in your driving habits and planning ahead, you can cut costs this and still head to your favourite vacation spots this year.


Alberta Electric Car Rebates


Thanks to the 2019 federal budget, electrified cars might save you even more money than just at the pumps. Starting May 1, anyone who purchases or leases an eligible zero-emission vehicle will qualify for a new incentive program designed to incentivize drivers to switch to an electric car.


The rebates will take up to $5,000 off the cost of electric vehicles, and $2,500 off plug-in hybrids. To learn more, click here. 

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