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Toyota Safety Recall

As a Toyota owner or lessee, you will be notified by mail if your vehicle needs a Safety Recall, Limited Service, or if you are eligible for the Warranty Enhancement Program. The following Recall Campaigns are how we help maintain the quality and safety of your vehicle.

Safety Recalls (SRC)

Inspections and/or repairs performed under the Safety Recall Campaign are completed at no charge. These recalls are launched if Toyota discovers a defect or a non-compliance with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act and are essential to ensure your vehicle is safe and road ready.

Limited-Service Campaign (LSC)

The Limited-Service Campaign is offered for a limited period and is meant to address non-safety or technical vehicle concerns. We notify our customers when this is available to them. Toyota does these inspections and/or repairs at no charge to the vehicle owner or lessee. We urge all our customers to use this program when they are eligible.

Warranty Enhancement Program (WEP)

Toyota will sometimes improve the coverage on certain vehicle components. The Warranty Enhancement Program has a mileage and/or time limits, as well a specified conditions for vehicle eligibility. We will help you determine if your vehicle fits the conditions to get the warranty work done to your vehicle at no charge to the vehicle owner or lessee.


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