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The 2019 federal budget now includes an incentive program for drivers to switch to an electric car! That’s right. Buying an electric car in Canada has never been more affordable!


Starting May 1, 2019, purchases or leases of eligible zero-emission vehicles will qualify for the incentive program. The rebates will take up to $5,000 off the cost of electric vehicles, and $2,500 off plug-in hybrids.


These rebates will only apply to cars that cost less than $45,000, and only nine vehicles qualify, including our very own Prius Prime. The best part is the rebate is applied as soon as you buy the car. We complete all the appropriate documentation for you right here in the dealership.


2019 Toyota Prius Prime


The 2019 Toyota Prius Prime is a plug-in hybrid and one of the vehicles eligible for the new government rebate. The Prius can run on electricity for up to 40 km, and depending on how much you drive in a day, you might not even need to use gasoline most days.


Even better, plug-in hybrids never leave you stranded. With the Prius Prime, if your battery dies, the engine switches over to gas. That way if you can’t make it to a plug-in station, you don’t have to worry. Simply drive until you hit a gas or charging station. No stress needed.


Make an Environmental Impact


More Canadians are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make more environmentally-conscious choices in their lives. And with transportation being the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, choosing an electric vehicle is a great way to do just that.


Now with the new rebate, not only do you make a positive environmental impact and save money on gas, you save money on the car itself! Looks like it pays to go green.




Important Things to Note:


The incentive can be used for leased vehicles but will be prorated based on how long your lease is. For example, a 48-month lease is eligible for the full incentive amount while a 24-month lease is only eligible for half of the incentive.


Individuals can only receive the incentive once a year, while businesses can use it up to 10 times for fleet vehicles. Finally, only new vehicles qualify for the new program. Pre-owned zero-emissions vehicles are not eligible.


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