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Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tundra

Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tundra

“Tough Today, Tough Tomorrow” is the phrase Toyota uses to describe its pickup truck lineup. It makes perfect sense considering there is 70 years' worth of blood sweat and tears that have gone into building this world-renowned reputation for toughness.



The 2024 Tundra is the result of that commitment to toughness. Beastly in style and sleek in design, this full-sized truck feels impressive in your hands and even more powerful on the road.


Available in gas and hybrid powertrains and offering three-bed lengths and seven different trims, the Toyota Tundra can be tailored for your exact needs.



The latest Tundra version has ramped up everything. Both the design and power factor have become more streamlined and there is loads of new tech and features to get prospective buyers excited about.


But how much has the Tundra advanced beyond its 2023 variant? What has changed? This blog post will cover everything this truck does right and why the 2024 Tundra is a great choice for Edmonton drivers.


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2024 Tundra Performance


Performance has always been Tundra’s strongest suit, and this year is no exception.


Powered by an Electrified i-FORCE MAX Powertrain, the 2024 Tundra applies a hybrid tech to bolster its performance. When the magical pairing of a Twin-Turbo V6 with an i-FORCE Max hybrid electric motor comes together, you get an impressive 389 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque.



The placement of the motor between the transmission is also a clever idea, allowing you to leverage the 10-speed automatic transmission to seamlessly switch between gears without any lag.


We also have to talk about the 2024 Tundra's towing power offering drivers up to 12,000 pounds of towing capacity. It all starts with the i-FORCE engine that delivers incredible power and torque without compromising fuel economy.



As Edmonton truck drivers know, size and towing prowess often comes with a significant tick-up in fuel usage. But the 2024 Tundra doesn’t let its power compromise efficiency offering buyers  13.1/10.1 L/100km (City/Hwy).




The 2024 Tundra has everything a driver could ask for when it comes to the road less travelled.


The Tundra comes equipped with a multi-terrain select mode that features a wheelspin-adjusting terrain throttle. A quick spin of the dial can change your driving modes. Available modes include mud, sand, and rock. And when you dive into higher trims, mogul and auto are also available.



Since managing these systems requires proper power distribution, the 2024 Tundra comes equipped with an electronically locking rear differential for TRD Pro. By distributing equal
power across the four wheels, it gives you more grip when traction is low. But the perks don’t end there.


This beast has taken an unconventional approach to the towing system with a Tundra-7 pin connector. It calculates the strength it needs according to the weight it needs to carry. With 2 Tow/Haul modes, it adjusts its throttle response on the fly. The customization factor is another the 2024 Tundra shines in when capabilities are concerned.


You’ll get an option for a 3-inch suspension lift kit. It will help you level up your driving game when you’re off-road. Available in i-FORCE and i-FORCE MAX 4x4 models, the kit is equipped with Bilstein monotube shock, which works together with upper control arms and TRD-tuned coil springs to add another layer of safety as you veer offroad.


There is also load levelling rear height control air suspension (adjustable) that stabilizes the vehicles and maintains a stable level when offroading when the loading is heavy. It comes in three modes - high, low, and normal, enabling drivers to move on the road freely regardless of the terrain and the road. Another option for suspension that you can get is the AVS - Adaptive variable suspension. By automatically adjusting the damping force according to the terrain, Tundra maintains a high level of comfort when moving.




Tundra has always been stylish in terms of looks, and 2024 is no different. However, while the design is sleek, every corner has an amplified vibe to it, which exudes power. It is surprising
considering that the body panels are lightweight and made from high-strength steel to make the vehicle more efficient.



LED fog lights are integrated for enhanced visibility, and for better aim, the 2024 Tundra features halogen headlights. When it comes to the function of this pick-up truck, it makes hauling heavy things part of its functionality. There are two aspects we have to discuss.


External Storage


The 2024 Tundra features an ultra-durable composite bed made from an SMC (Sheet-Molded Composite) surface, which shields it against dents. Complementing this construction is a strategic design that stylishly makes room for heavy gear.


The utility bed also comes with a 400W inverter for more power. And if you want to keep an eye on your things while you’re driving on a particularly rough terrain, the bed camera will give
you a clear view.


Convenience is also added with clarity with a tailgate release bump switch, making it easy to load up the bed without setting anything down. And if you’re looking for a bigger space, you can opt for CrewMax, which gives you a 6.5-foot bed.


The Toyota Tundra has a payload capacity range of 1,605 to 1,860 pounds depending on the i-FORCE or i-FORCE MAX hybrid engine option, cab configuration and bed length you choose.




There are two parts of the vehicle’s internal storage module: console storage and rear seat storage.



Console storage is designed for storing key items like paperwork, tablets, etc., offering spaciousness and including USB media and charger ports inside. If you require even more space, you can look at the rear seat storage. It features flip and fold rear seats, giving access to more space and, thus, more utility.




As you step inside and look up, you will find a panoramic moonroof that opens at the push of a button. Looking around allows you to experience an interior fitted with American Walnut trim complemented by leather seats featuring unique two-tone themes.




The seats are also ventilated, allowing you to get warmed up or experience a soft coolness when you need it. The crafted luxurious interior is the perfect compliment to its rugged exterior. All the materials are soft and designed with comfort in mind.


A Closer Look at the Trims


2024 Tundra features seven different trims: SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum, 1794 Edition, TRD Pro, and Capstone. Capstone is the highest tier trim coming with all features, ranging from 22-inch chrome alloy wheels and two-tone black interior to American Walnut wood-grain trim.



Style factor is also important in SR 5, which includes unique features such as 18-inch wheels and a smart key system. Another notable variant is Platinum, which features leather-trimmed seats and a 12.3-inch digital meter.


The sheer amount of trims and available packages epitomize the versatility of the 2024 Tundra.


Evolution from 2023 Tundra


2024 Tundra has taken a “the more, the merrier” approach with new packages.


With Platinum trim, you will get a TRD off-road package, and with the limited edition, there is a nightshade package, the style of which is paramount.



Other changes include the addition of a new three-inch lift kit. The only exception is the TRD Pro, which has its own lift kit.


The 2024 Tundra is a Good Pick for Off and Onroaders


The 2024 Toyota Tundra epitomizes the perfect blend of power, style, and innovation.


With a robust i-FORCE MAX powertrain, diverse trims catering to different needs and thoughtful additions like the TRD off-road and nightshade packages, the 2024 Tundra offers a versatile and compelling driving experience.


It's not just a truck; it's a statement of Toyota's commitment to excellence.


Whether navigating challenging terrains or cruising Edmonton streets, the 2024 Tundra stands out as a formidable and stylish choice in the world of pickup trucks.


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