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Arthur & His 2007 Toyota Tundra Hit 1,000,000 Kilometres

Arthur & His 2007 Toyota Tundra Hit 1,000,000 Kilometres

Arthur Jeanson bought his Toyota Tundra from our team at West Edmonton Mall Toyota (previously known as Mayfield Toyota) on March 10, 2007. After years of reliable performance and countless memories, his Tundra hit the 1,000,000 km mark in June 2024 — 17 years later. 


Arthur Jeanson and his Toyota Tundra standing in the snow, on the day he picked it up in 2007.


Toyota has become synonymous with reliability, and their vehicles stand the test of time. Arthur’s tale is more common than you may think! Take Mark Intihar for example, the Ontario man whose 2000 Toyota Sienna hit the 2,000,000-kilometre mark. (Or simply Google “the Toyota High Mileage Club” to see Toyota vehicles across the globe reach high kilometrages!)


Tales of long-lasting Toyota vehicles are a testament to the brand’s commitment to producing the highest standards in engineering and manufacturing quality.


We loved hearing Arthur’s story and decided to share his remarkable journey with you here. This blog will detail the lifespan of Arthur’s Toyota Tundra in Western Canada, from delivery to a  million kilometres, and some of his favourite memories he made with it along the way. 


Meet Arthur & His Toyota Tundra

Arthur Jeanson is one of our loyal West Edmonton Mall Toyota customers. He took delivery of his brand-new Toyota Tundra from us in March 2007, back when we were called Mayfield Toyota. It’s hard to believe we’ve been serving the communities of West Edmonton for over 25 years. While our name and location might have changed, our appreciation for loyal customers like Arthur remains the same.


Arthur standing in front of his Toyota Tundra, with a green forest in the background.


Arthur’s Toyota Tundra Kilometerage Timeline

Arthur has had many road trips and memories in his 4.7L Toyota Tundra. From county lines to grocery runs, his 2007 Tundra has done it all!


A fan of weekend getaways, this truck has hauled boats, ATVs, and Sea-Doos for friends and family. Rolling down sunny Manitoba highways with the windows down, and braving chilly Albertan winters, the 4.7L Toyota Tundra did everything Arthur needed to do. Not only could he rely on it for the fun times, but it was also a sturdy and dependable work vehicle that made hauling easy. 


Follow his journey to a million kilometres below!


April 11, 2008 - Hit the 99,999KM mark

July 1, 2014 - Hit the 500,000KM mark

March 10, 2017 - Hit the 706,984KM mark

June 5, 2024 - Hit the 1,000,000KM mark


The odometer reading on Arthur's Toyota Tundra, reading 999,444 kilometres.


Arthur’s Tundra journey continues today. While Arthur currently lives in South Eastern Manitoba, he and his Tundra have moved all over Western Canada. He spent roughly 3 years in Yellowknife (Northwest Territories), 5 years in Peace Country (Northern Alberta), and a few years around Edmonton before relocating back to Manitoba in 2015. What a wild ride it's been!


Toyota Reliability: What Andrew Has To Say

Toyota Canada has been faithfully serving Canadians since 1964. From importing to domestic production lines to leading the field in hybrid vehicles… Toyota has established a reputation for reliability across six decades of experience. 


Read: The History of Toyota in Canada


Our Proven Track Record

Over those six decades, our vehicles have regularly appeared in consumer reviews and awards for reliable performance and safety. The 2024 model of the Toyota Tundra just received a “Top Safety Pick+” Award from The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).


Consumer Reports rated Toyota in the Top 3 most reliable car brands in 2023 according to owner satisfaction, coming second behind Lexus. Additionally, RepairPal has Toyota rated as “Above Average” in Reliability.


Durable Parts & Guaranteed Service

One of the biggest reasons Toyota has become known for its reliability is the quality of our craftsmanship and control processes throughout our manufacturing process. So much so that we guarantee our Toyota Genuine Parts and service work. From coolant to oil to tire swaps and wheel alignments, you can expect the highest level of quality and care from the Toyota brand.


Arthur, and thousands of Canadians like him, choose Toyota vehicles because of this repudiation for reliability and performance. But don’t just take our word for it. 


Let’s hear from Arthur!

“[My] truck has treated me well. Original powertrain… lots of my early maintenance was done at Mayfield Toyota whenever I was around Edmonton. I would drive to Edmonton from the Peace River area if I needed any work done…”


A Toyota Tundra pulling a trailer, stands in front of the Vegreville Pysanka Easter Egg statue.

Arthur and his Toyota Tundra at the World's Largest Easter Egg: The Pysanka. Vegreville, Alberta.


Reaching the incredible 1,000,000 km mark with his 17-year-old Tundra can be attributed to Toyota's reliability AND ensuring his vehicle always received regular maintenance and care.


Toyota Vehicle Maintenance

Regular maintenance makes all the difference. Your vehicle’s safety, performance, efficiency, lifespan, and resale value depend on it!


This is even more crucial in Canada, thanks to extreme weather swings. We recommend following the Toyota Maintenance Schedule for all of your Toyota vehicles, and checking in with one of our service team members if you’re unsure. 


We recommend booking a service appointment check-up every 8,000 KM or 6 months, whichever comes first. This keeps your car maintained regularly and reduces the number of service-related issues down the line. That includes things like regular oil and fluid changes! (Just ask Arthur, he’s had many on his journey to a million kilometres.)


A picture of Arthur's odometer on his Toyota truck, reading 999,999 kilometres.


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Share Your Toyota Tale With Us

Do you have a story like Arthur’s? We want to hear it!


The 2007 Toyota Tundra standing in a motel parking lot, on one of Andrew's trips.


Our team loves seeing the adventures you take across Canada in your vehicles. Send us your story by tagging or messaging us on Instagram and Facebook


If you’re inspired and need a Toyota Tundra of your own, look no further. Explore our virtual showroom here. We’re wishing Arthur and his loyal steed many more years of adventures. Thanks for sharing with us!

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