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5 West Edmonton Mall Restaurants to Enjoy While Getting Your Car Serviced

5 West Edmonton Mall Restaurants to Enjoy While Getting Your Car Serviced

We get it, you’re here for a car service and are feeling a little hungry… why not grab a bite to eat at some of our favourite West Edmonton Mall restaurants?


West Edmonton Mall is North America’s largest mall, with over 800 stores and 100 places to eat, and we’re proud to be a part of it here at West Edmonton Mall Toyota. 

In addition to buying a new or pre-owned vehicle and getting your car serviced and detailed, you can also enjoy the full range of services that the mall has to offer at the same time.


We’re here to give you our rundown of some of our favourite restaurants and snack establishments at WEM, so come along for the ride!


Our Top 5 West Edmonton Mall Restaurants

The Best Burgers: Backstairs Burger

Best Bubble Tea: Dream Tea

The Best Sandwiches: Chachi’s

Best Dine-In Experience: Cactus Club Cafe

The Best Snacks: Popcornwala


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The exterior of the West Edmonton Mall Toyota dealership in Edmonton.


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The Best Burgers: Backstairs Burger


Known for their smash burgers and milkshakes, Backstairs Burgers is here to serve up philly's, fries, burgers, and more. They’re a local Edmonton chain with three locations, one of which is on Level 2 in West Edmonton Mall!


So what makes them special? All of their food is made in-house using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and it tastes INCREDIBLE! 


A burger from Backstairs Burger in West Edmonton Mall.


If you’re a big fan of burgers, then this is the perfect place to grab a bite while we clean your vehicle (view our detailing packages here).


Our Recommendations

For the Burger Lovers: Take on “The OG” - a delicious burger with a 3.5oz smash patty, house American cheese, thick-cut bacon, crack sauce, house sweet pickles, thick-cut tomato and shredded lettuce.

For the Adventurous Spirits: Try “The Sugar Skull”! Packed with a 3.5oz smash patty, bone marrow caramel, glazed bacon, house-pickled onions, thick-cut tomato, horseradish aioli and original ruffles. 

For The Loaded Fries Fans: You’re going to want to try their “Crack Fries”. Topped with spicy crack sauce, sour cream and green onions, these crispy fries are some of the best we’ve ever had. 


Follow them on Instagram here, or check out their menu here.


Best Bubble Tea: Dream Tea


Dream Tea House is our pick for cold and warm drinks alike! This local chain has six locations in Edmonton, and you can find the West Edmonton Mall location on Level 2. 


With its large drink menu with hundreds of combinations, you’re sure to find something delicious to sip on. 

You can choose from many choices:

  • Fruit teas
  • Milk teas
  • Slushes
  • Milkshakes
  • Smoothies
  • Juices
  • Coffee Drinks
  • Extras, like cheese cloud toppings, avocado smoothies and sea salt milk caps


A fruit tea and milk tea are held by two women in front of Dream Tea House.

For the bubble tea lovers, Dream Tea was made for you!


Our Recommendations

Dream Tea can serve drinks both hot and cold, for any season. 

For The Fruit Tea Lovers: Peach Black Tea with tapioca and lychee jelly.

For The Milk Tea Lovers: Hokkaido Pudding Milk Tea with soy milk, pudding and tapioca.

For The Mixed Flavour Lovers: Sunflower (strawberry and mango) Tea with tapioca and pineapple jelly.


You can swap out toppings for most beverages, with options including tapioca pearls, pudding, lychee jelly, rainbow jelly, pineapple jelly, mango jelly, aloe vera, mango popping boba, lychee popping boba, yoghurt popping boba, crystal balls, and more.


Additionally, don’t forget to adjust your sweetness and ice levels to your liking when ordering your drink!


Follow them on their social media here, or click here to see their drinks menu. 


The Best Sandwiches: Chachi’s


Chachi’s was founded in Calgary in 2006 and now has over 20 locations across Canada. They work with local partners to source the best ingredients and have some of the best sandwiches around. You can find them on Level 1 in West Edmonton Mall.


Moreover, healthy ingredients, great taste, and lots of options make Chachi’s one of our go-to's. Most importantly, they’re only a four-minute walk from our front door, so our customers love grabbing a quick bite with them while we change their oil in our express service bay!


A woman holds up a Chicken Banh Mi sandwich in front of a Chachi's sandwich shop.


Need your oil changed? Pre-book your service appointment here while you enjoy the best West Edmonton Mall restaurants!


Our Recommendations

For The Meat-Lovers: Smoked Meat Sandwich! It’s a tasty combo of provolone, dijonnaise and pickles on marble rye.

For the Experimenters: Chicken Banh Mi! A sandwich topped with chicken breast, hoisin marinade, garlic aioli, pickled carrot, red onion, cilantro, jalapeno and spicy Asian sesame sauce.

For The Snackers: Side Soup! A blend of tomatoes, roasted red peppers and croutons. 


Follow them on Instagram here, or click here to see their menu offerings.


Best Dine-In Experience: Cactus Club Cafe


Cactus Club Cafe can be found directly outside our dealership, making it the most convenient dine-in experience while you wait for your vehicle. This Canadian chain, born on the West Coast, can be found in many locations across Canada and we’re lucky to have one so close to our dealership.


Their tempting food and drink deals are calling your name, with a well-rounded menu of fan favourites.  We recommend booking a reservation in their dining room before your upcoming service appointment! Simply drop your vehicle off with us and enjoy a relaxing dinner while we take care of your vehicle. 


The exterior of a Cactus Club Cafe restaurant in West Edmonton.


Need to drop your vehicle off?  Read here to learn how.


Our Recommendations

For The Snackers: Truffle fries with herbs, grana padano and garlic aioli.

For The Meat Lovers: Wagyu Beef Carpaccio - the little elements like the bearnaise aioli, capers, arugula, pickled onions, and freshly grated horseradish make this appetizer one of the best in the city!

For The Fresh-Lovers: Szechuan Lettuce Wraps - think sweet and spicy Szechuan glaze, peanuts, wontons, Korean chilli sauce, and spicy yoghurt. 


Follow Cactus Club on Instagram, and see their menu options here


The Best Snacks: Popcornwala


Popcornwala serves up gourmet popcorn snacks with a twist of flavours and East Indian spices! You can find them on Level 1 in West Edmonton Mall.

If you’ve attended one of our recent exclusive customer events, you will be familiar with them as they have been one of our most popular partners to serve our guests. This Canadian franchise is “popping” up in Edmonton and Saskatoon, and serving up big flavour!


Their current flavour list is as follows:

  • Chicago Sunset: a cheesy and caramel popcorn
  • Cheddar Pop: cheesy popcorn
  • Candid Caramel: caramelized popcorn
  • Cinema Snacker: butter ‘n salt
  • Cheddar Clouds: white cheddar
  • Cheddar Dill: orange cheddar and dill pickle seasoning
  • Fruitilicious: fruit-flavoured
  • Garlic Parmesan: garlic and parmesan cheese seasoning
  • Ketchup: ketchup-flavoured
  • Pickle Tickle: dill and ranch-flavoured
  • Pizza: pizza-flavoured
  • Pop-Pop Biryani: homemade biryani seasoning
  • Prairie Roast: BBQ seasoned and spicy (spice level 1)
  • Salt N Vinegar: salt and vinegar-flavoured
  • Spicy Senorita: hot jalapeno with cheddar cheese (spice level 2)
  • Sriracha: spicy sriracha-flavoured
  • Sugar Daddy: sweet and salty
  • Tandoori Flames: Indian spice mix (spice level 3)


A woman holds up flavoured popcorn in front of a Popcornwala storefront in West Edmonton Mall.


Our Recommendations

For the Classic Fans: Try the Cinema Snacker on for size! A buttery and salty classic.

For the Adventurous: Take on the Pickle Tickle, if you’re a fan of dill.

For the Spice Lovers: Try the Tandoori Flames! A (very) spicy popcorn for those who like to live dangerously.

Follow them on Instagram and see more popcorn flavours here.


Come Visit Us At West Edmonton Mall Toyota

In conclusion, West Edmonton Mall has a little bit of everything for everyone. While you visit our recommended West Edmonton Mall restaurants, visit our team at West Edmonton Mall Toyota (Entrance 24)! We have the most convenient dealership hours in Edmonton, in addition to being open late every day of the week.


You can pre-book your service appointment, get your car detailed, or check out new vehicles in our dealership from Monday through Sunday! 

Most importantly, our auto service centre is one of the largest in the city and is open until 9 pm Monday through Saturday and until 6 pm on Sundays for your vehicle service needs.


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