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5 Ways To Protect Your Toyota in Extreme Cold Weather

5 Ways To Protect Your Toyota in Extreme Cold Weather


It looks like Edmonton is experiencing another cold spell with temperatures dropping below -40 celsius. For some of us, staying inside and hibernating is an option. But for most of us, life goes on which means you need to be able to depend on your vehicle.


So how do you protect your Toyota in extreme cold weather? We put together five helpful ways you can lessen the effect of winter weather on your vehicle and ease your mind on your frosty morning commute. If you have questions about your Toyota or need to book a service appointment, visit us online or call us today.


#1 Have Your Car Battery Checked

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your car battery, especially if it is particularly old (over three years). Before you chance it will survive another Edmonton cold spell, bring it to the team at Mayfield Toyota for a battery check-up. We can look for any weakness and even let you know what temperatures your battery is at its most vulnerable. We also make sure your terminals are clean in case you need a boost later.

#2 Regularly Start and Drive Your Toyota

While hiding indoors until the polar vortex is over might seem ideal, that also means your car is left sitting for long periods of time in the cold. We recommend starting your Toyota every so often and even taking it for a few trips around the block. Driving every day keeps that extreme cold at bay as the warm engine heats up your battery.


#3 Keep Your Gas Tank Full


There are dozens of great reasons to keep your car gas tank full in the middle of winter. For us, the first is in case of an emergency. Driving on Alberta winter roads can be dangerous at the best of times. You might hit black ice traveling down the QE2 or worse yet, you could get into an accident and hit the ditch in the dead of night. The last thing you want to be worrying about is preserving fuel to stay warm.

Another reason to keep your gas tank full in cold weather is to minimize condensation which will help you avoid frozen fuel lines. As well, when there is more room in your tank (because there is less fuel) dirt particles can get trapped and block your fuel filter. This can lead to costly repairs down the road if ignored. The moral of the story? While it might suck pumping gas in -40 degree weather, it will save you a major headache down the road.


#4 Have Your Oil Checked


We recommend making an appointment and having your oil checked before the next cold snap hits Edmonton. As it gets colder, your oil gets thicker and it becomes difficult for your engine to pump and circulate it through. While this is not always a big issue for newer model vehicles that use synthetic oil, sometimes older models can have troubles. Regardless, the best practice is to ensure your oil is topped up and ready to go for when you need to make that hasty trip outdoors in the middle of winter.

#5 Get Toyota Comfort+

While all our other recommendations are important, the best way to protect your Toyota in extreme cold weather temperatures is to get Toyota Comfort+, a new set of heating accessories designed for the Canadian driver.
The first component of Comfort+ is the Block Heater. Essentially, it warms your motor oil up when your vehicle is plugged in overnight. It also lubricates your engine so when you fire your Toyota up in the morning, it smooths out the start and reduces the fuel suck.
The second component of Comfort+ is the Cabin Warmer, a compact interior heating system that is a serious game-changer in the winter.
What does the Toyota cabin warmer do?

  • Pre-heats your vehicle so it’s nice and warm
  • De-fogs the windows
  • De-ices any window condensation formed

Did we mention this all happens without ever having to turn your Toyota ON? Talk about another great reason - the fuel savings alone are worth it!

The final component of Comfort+ is the Trickle Charger. It helps extend the life of your battery and keep it at its best charge level at all times, which can vary depending on the outdoor temperature.
The trickle charger comes with a sensor and system that determines how hot or cold it is outside and adjusts the battery accordingly. For those of us without a garage and have to park on the streets, this is an incredible feature that keeps your battery running, even when the temperature drops to frigid levels.


Mayfield Toyota is Your Edmonton Toyota Service Destination


While we survived another week of arctic-like temperatures, knowing Edmonton weather, another cold snap is probably around the corner. If you are worried about your battery health or low oil levels, we recommend booking an appointment to see us at your earliest convenience. We can winterize your Toyota so you have peace of mind the next time the snowfalls.


If you want to level up, there is no doubt Toyota Comfort+ is the right decision for you. Not only does it work to keep your Toyota running smoothly during the winter months, but it also makes your comfort level a priority. Forget running out to start your vehicle in the frigid cold. Scraping the ice off your windshield is a thing of the past. Leave your house with a de-iced, de-fogged, and a toasty warm vehicle that starts up right away.


To learn more about Toyota Comfort+, feel free to speak to one of our knowledgeable parts experts or book a service appointment for your next service needs. Whatever you do, be sure to stay warm and safe out there. Double-check that your winter emergency kit has all the tools you need just in case disaster strikes and drive for the conditions. At Mayfield Toyota, your safety is our top concern.

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