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Winter Tire Season Is Back, Edmonton

Winter Tire Season Is Back, Edmonton


This is not your usual lecture about the importance of winter tires. If you live in Alberta, you probably already know that by now.


Instead, we want to answer some of your top questions about purchasing winter tires right here in Edmonton. If you already plan on buying winter tires but need to figure out the best way to go about it, this is the blog post for you.



When Should I Put My Winter Tires On?


First off — there is no exact date for installing your winter tires. In fact, the date mostly depends on where you live. Drivers in other parts of the world might have more time before they have to put their winter tires on, but here in Edmonton, things get cold quickly.


When the temperature dips below 7°C a few days in a row, it is time to get those winter tires on. The thing is, if you wait to make the appointment after those colder days have come and come, you might end up waiting awhile because service departments are busy with other tire customers.


How to hack the system? We recommend keeping an eye on the 14 day forecast. When you start to see those temps drop, book your appointment as soon as possible.


Where Is The Best Place in Edmonton To Buy Winter Tires?


You thought we might say West Edmonton Mall Toyota, hey? You thought right!


We have a huge selection of winter tires. From Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear, Firestone and beyond, we offer one of the largest inventories in the city. We also make finding the right tire for your vehicle so easy. Just search your make and model here and find the best winter tire for your needs.

Did we mention we sell winter tires for almost all makes including Honda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Mazda and more?


If you need more convincing, our Tire Price Match Promise might do the trick. If you find a better price on winter tires at one of our competitors, we will beat that price by 5%.


When Should I Replace My Winter Tires?


To get the best traction and optimal performance on snow and ice, we recommend replacing your tires when they are 50% worn — or at 7/32” tread depth. Transport Canada has stated that tires at 5/32” or less should not be driven during the winter. If your tires get below that depth, they could be a hazard to both you and other drivers on the road.


How do you know what your tire tread depth is? Watch this video to learn how to check yourself.


Do I Need Winter Tires If I Have AWD?


Our ultimate recommendation is that you should have winter tires in Alberta, even if your vehicle has all-wheel-drive (AWD).

AWD is helpful in a lot of ways, like getting your vehicle moving from a complete stop or accelerating smoothly on icy roads. But if your tires do not have enough traction to begin with, even the strongest AWD system will not be able to compensate.


Multiple studies have proven that even a FWD vehicle with winter tires has quicker stopping times and better cornering abilities than an AWD vehicle with all-season tires. In this climate, why take the chance?


October Means Winter Tire Season


October has arrived and whether we like to admit it or not, the temperature is going to start dropping. If you live in Edmonton, you know that the first commute to work after a big snow dump is a hectic one. Why leave winter tires to the last minute?



Start doing your winter tire work now! Check the tread on your current tires and decide if they are safe for another season. If you do need new tires, it is never too early to start shopping for the right ones for your vehicle (our Tire Experts can help).



Once you have your winter tires ready, start looking at the 14-day  forecast. That will give you a clear idea of when things are going to start getting cold.


Book that appointment early and beat the rush. This is the year you do winter right. Have a question about winter tires? Talk to our Parts Department today!

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