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Winter Tire Season is Back, Edmonton

Winter Tire Season is Back, Edmonton


Winter tire season is back in Edmonton. That means the time has come to start thinking about buying new winter tires and making an appointment to change them out before the snow falls. This post will walk you through all the steps to make sure your vehicle is ready for another frosty Alberta winter. 



Do You Need New Winter Tires?


The first step in the winter driving process is figuring out if you actually need new winter tires. If you bought new tires for winter last year or the year prior, you are probably good for another season.



But deciding whether you need new winter tires or not depends more on how worn out they are than how long you have had them. Even if you bought them within the last few years but you drive a lot in the winter (we’re looking at you, ski bums), you should probably check to make sure.


To figure out how worn your winter tires are, all you need to do is check the tire tread. To get the best tire performance in the winter time, we recommend replacing your tires when they are 50% worn or at 7/32” tread depth. Transport Canada says that tires at 5/32” or less are not safe to drive during the winter time.


This video will walk you through how to check the tread on your tires — with just a toonie.



Where Do I Buy Winter Tires?


If you do need new winter tires the next step is buying some. Finding the right type of tire for your specific make and model can be confusing. There are dozens of different tire brands and some vehicles require certain things. Because we know how tricky it can be, we have a team of tire specialists on hand to help answer any questions you might have about winter tires and which ones are right for your car or truck. You can also do it yourself by searching the make and model of your vehicle here.



If you own an all-wheel drive vehicle, you should replace all four tires at the same time. If you drive a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicle, you should replace all four or at least in pairs, depending on which tires need replacing. With winter tires, we recommend buying them in sets of four. 


Remember: For a tire to be considered a winter tire by Transport Canada, it must be marked with this logo:


Outline of a mountain with a snowflake inside.


Once you decide what type of tire you need and which brand you like — Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear, Firestone, etc. — the next step is to find the best deal on winter tires in Edmonton. 
Once you find the best price in the city, bring it to us and we will beat it by 5%!


When Do I Make My Winter Tire Appointment?


Whether you decide to buy new winter tires this season or need to have the ones you already own put on your vehicle, the next and final step in this process is making an appointment. While there is no exact date for installing your winter tires, there is an exact temperature — 7°C and lower.


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Winter tires are made with a specific type of rubber that is much softer than the rubber on your all-season or summer tires. In fact, that harder rubber begins to get tough and stiff as the temperature drops. Once it falls below 7°C, they lose their ability to get traction on slippery surfaces like ice and snow. Meanwhile, the soft rubber in winter tires begins working at its best the colder it gets, gripping the ice and giving drivers more control.



While it is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather to figure out when the right time is to make your appointment, don’t leave it until the last minute. Winter tire appointments book up fast and the last thing you want is to be caught with summer tires on when the first snowfall of the season hits.


Where Do I Make My Winter Tire Appointment?


Come see us at West Edmonton Mall Toyota! We have the biggest service centre in the city with over 70 bays to serve our guests. We also offer the most convenient hours in the city — open late until 9 PM and we’re even open on Sundays. That means you can get your tires swapped at a time that is convenient for you.



And while you wait?

Grab a free coffee and plug into the WiFi while you kick back in our comfortable service lounge. Or check out the mall and get your holiday shopping started earlier. You can even take in a movie or get a round of mini golf in. There are hundreds of stores and restaurants all around us. You don’t even have to leave the mall to see them all.


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