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Winter Tire Promotion: Swap Store Shine

Winter Tire Promotion: Swap Store Shine

Edmonton drivers — have you been delaying putting on your winter tires because there is just no snow yet? We are here to tell you that snow is in the Edmonton forecast and it is not too late to get your tires swapped over before it falls.


Plus, with our Swap Store Shine offer, you can get your winter tires put on, summer tires stored AND your vehicle detailed for just $249!



Swap Store Shine


The West Edmonton Mall Toyota Swap Store Shine offer is available for owners of all makes and models — not just Toyotas. 


How it Works: 


Step 1 - SWAP: We take your summer or all-season tires off and replace them with winter tires

Step 2- STORE: Our team stores your summer tires for you (freeing up space in your apartment or home garage).

Step 3 - SHINE: Then we detail your vehicle inside and out!


So whether you drive a Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Fiat or Ferrari, we are here to make your winter driving experience that much better.


Plus our parts team can even help you find the perfect set of winter tires for your vehicle if you still need to buy new ones. 



This Swap Store Shine offer is exclusive to West Edmonton Mall Toyota and is currently available for just $249! To book an appointment, click here


Why Service Your Car at West Edmonton Mall Toyota?


We are located inside West Edmonton Mall which makes us the most convenient place to service your car in Edmonton. Accessing our service area is easy and you can shop, eat, run errands or have fun in the mall while you wait.


We also offer convenient hours Sunday through Monday open late so you can visit when it works best for your schedule. 


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Have a question about servicing your vehicle or how to redeem our limited-time Swap Store Shine offer? Contact us today at (780) 483-2121 or make an appointment online here.


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