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Why Your Toyota Needs a Spring Service

Why Your Toyota Needs a Spring Service


It’s only the first week of April, and the high has already been 16°C in Edmonton. That means spring has sprung and now is the time to take your Toyota in for a service. Toyota recommends taking your vehicle in for servicing every 8,000 km or 6 months, depending on what comes first. Because winter is so hard on your vehicle, spring is the perfect time to bring it in and minimize the damage the cold months caused.





Why Do You Need To Bring Your Toyota in For a Spring Service?


Alberta winters are incredibly hard on your Toyota. Whether you drive a Tacoma or a Corolla, the extreme temperature changes can play havoc on their rubber parts affecting everything from your wiper blades and door seals to washers and hoses.


Part of a Toyota spring service is examining each of these parts and replacing any that have become too damaged. We also check and top up all your fluids as well as rotate your tires. We even inspect all the hoses related to your brakes.



The extreme cold weather can also cause the electronics in your vehicle to suffer. Even your lights can become affected by the road salt. When our technicians check your vehicle during an annual spring service, they make sure every electrical component within your Toyota is still running as it should.


Reverse The Damage of Road Salt


If you live in Edmonton, chances are you have been on the Henday after a fresh salt mixture has been poured. While it does help keep the roads less icy, it can cause serious damage to the metal components of your vehicle - everything from your connectors to brake pads, rotors, brake lines, hoses, and linkages can suffer. We take the time to visually inspect each of these components and let you know what needs to be changed so you can avoid any breakdowns in the warmer months.



Check Your Air Conditions and Filters


Because you probably had your head cranked all winter long, it’s a good idea to check your air filters and make sure they are debris-free. Even more important is making sure your air conditioning is working so when the sun does come out, you can drive to your destination comfortably.


Top Up Your Fluids


After several months of cold weather, driving to and from work, your vehicle fluids eventually start to get low. While some things are easy to top up on your own, like your washer fluid, there are other important fluids to keep in mind including your brakes and inverter coolant.


One of the most important fluids in your vehicle is your engine oil. If left unchecked for too long, it can start to break down and eventually damage your engine. Making sure to check your engine oil every 8,000 km or 6 months is one of the best things you can do for your Toyota. Thankfully, on your spring service - we do that for you!


Switch Your Winter Tires out


By now, you probably know you need to take your winter tires off when the snow melts. It keeps the tread on your winter tires strong for the next cold season and your all-season tires are far more effective on the dry pavement.


Part of your spring service includes swapping over your tires, but we also go one step further. We thoroughly inspect your all-season tires before we install them. We double-check tread depth, their sidewalls, etc. to make sure they are safe.



Let the Experts Handle The Tough Stuff


There are a million and one things to remember when you own a vehicle. Changing your tires, getting regular oil changes, keeping up with recommended maintenance. How does someone stay on top of it all? That’s what we’re for!


Your Toyota vehicle comes with a Recommended Maintenance Schedule so you can check when the appropriate time is to make the right appointments - whether you drive a Corolla, RAV4, Tundra, Avalon, or C-HR.


Winter is tough on your vehicle and can cause damage you might not even see. From starting it up in cold temperatures to driving on salt-covered roadways to winter storms and more, fluids get low and parts get worn down.
The Mayfield Toyota team is here to make sure your vehicle has everything it needs to transition from winter to summer safely. So your Toyota can stand the test of time - and you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t break down.

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