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Why You Need Toyota Winter Wiper Blades

Why You Need Toyota Winter Wiper Blades


Every person who lives in Edmonton knows how sloppy the roads can get during the winter. From surprise hail storms to snow, slush and rain, driving in the city requires a great set of winter wiper blades. Like winter tires, winterized wiper blades are made specifically with the colder weather in mind. That means regardless of how much snow or sleet is blasting your windshield, you have the right blades to clear your path of vision and get you where you need to go.



Winter Wiper Blades VS. Regular Wiper Blades: What’s The Difference


The biggest difference between regular wiper blades and winter wiper places is their shape and how they are made.  Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades have a wedge-shaped deflector that can remove snow and ice build-up in just a few swipes. Winter wiper blades are also slightly larger and thicker so the weight of the ice doesn’t hold them down.


If you drive a Toyota, then purchasing Toyota Genuine Parts is the best thing you can do for yourself and your vehicle. Not only are these parts made specifically with your vehicle in mind, but they are also designed to perform no matter what season. So whether it is pouring rain in the middle of July or snowing in December — the right parts and accessories are going to get you through with a lot less stress and a lot more peace of mind.



Need Winter Wiper Blades Installed On Your Vehicle?


Need to switch out your regular wiper blades for some designed for the colder weather? Just mention it to your service advisor on your next oil change or regularly scheduled maintenance appointment (every 6 months or 8,000 km, whichever comes first). Our Toyota technicians can swap out your old blades in a matter of minutes.


Want Your Wiper Blades To Last The Whole Season?


Let’s face it — wintertime in Edmonton can last a while. If you want your new winter wiper blades to make it to spring, we recommend making sure your blades are lifted off your windshield when your vehicle is parked. This stops them from freezing to the windshield which can break down the thick rubber needed to push that snow away.



Ready For Another Winter, Edmonton?


Driving in the winter has its challenges but if you have the right equipment things can go a lot smoother. Winter tires and wiper blades can make a big difference to how you remember this snowy season. Even the smallest things like Toyota Touch Windshield Washer Fluid can make a huge difference. Effective in temperatures as low as -40 Celcius, our washer fluid will make sure no matter how messy the highway gets you can see the road ahead clearly.



Need to make a service appointment or order winter wiper blades of your own? We got you covered. The best part? Our Service Centre is open seven days a week and late so you can find a time that is most convenient for you to pop in. Make an appointment here!

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