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Toyota Crown vs. Toyota Camry: Which is Right For You?

Toyota Crown vs. Toyota Camry: Which is Right For You?


Here at West Edmonton Mall Toyota, there has been a lot of excitement about the 2023 Toyota Crown’s return to North America. With all the buzz surrounding the anticipated arrival of the  Crown, drivers are comparing it against another crowd-favourite mid-size sedan — the 2023 Toyota Camry.



This blog will review fundamental features such as price, performance, gas mileage, cargo, interior, and tech features. Ultimately, to help you decide which vehicle is right for you: Toyota Crown or Toyota Camry?


While both vehicles classify themselves as midsized sedans, there are important details that separate them from one another. So let’s get started with a price comparison of the two vehicles.


Crown vs. Camry: Price


The 2023 Toyota Camry starts at  $33,565*. In comparison, at a higher price point, we see the 2023 Toyota Crown starting from $48,565*.



Of course, the price difference does reflect specific performance and style features that would only come with the 2023 Toyota Crown. We’ll discuss this in more detail to come. *Pricing excludes extra taxes, including additional fees.


Crown vs. Camry: Performance


2023 Toyota Camry


  • 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine (205 horsepower)
  • 3.5-litre V-6 (301 horsepower)
  • Hybrid (208 horsepower)


The Toyota Camry offers a choice of three powertrains: 2.5L Dynamic Force four-cylinder, 3.5L V6, and the Toyota Hybrid System, which combines the output of the 2.5L four-cylinder and an electric motor while using both that motor and a second motor for hybrid battery charging.



2023 Toyota Crown


  • 2.5-litre base level four-cylinder hybrid engine (236 horsepower)
  • 2.4-litre inline four-cylinder turbocharged Hybrid MAX (340 horsepower)


The 2023 Toyota Crown offers two hybrid powertrains. The base level generates 236 horsepower, while the Hybrid MAX is Toyota’s all-new performance hybrid system that offers up to 340 net horsepower.



Where the Camry offers a choice of either front-wheel drive or available all-wheel drive, the Crown comes standard with all-wheel drive for every model.


Another consideration is the height difference between the two models. The Toyota Crown has more ground clearance than the Toyota Camry. This can help with visibility and, at the same time, gives the Crown a more SUV feel. Because the Camry is slightly smaller in size and has a lower weight, it can feel more maneuverable for drivers.


Crown vs. Camry: Gas Mileage


If gas mileage and cost savings are at the top of your list, the 2023 Toyota Camry will come out as your winner.



The gas-powered Camry gets an estimated fuel economy of up to 13.60 km/l. In comparison, the 2023 Toyota Crown has an estimated fuel economy of up to 12.75 km/l.


Crown vs. Camry: Cargo


 Regarding exterior dimensions, the 2023 Camry is slightly bigger than the 2023 Crown. However, the interior of the two vehicles is relatively similar. Both the Camry and Crown have a total passenger volume of 100 cu-ft.


The Camry provides 42.1/38.0 inches front/rear for legroom.



Compare this 42.1/38.9 inches for the Crown.



Again with trunk space, we see similar dimensions with 15.1 cu-ft for the Camry and 15.2 cu-ft for the Crown.


This is the tightest race of all the categories we are comparing between the two vehicles.


Crown vs. Camry: Interior and Tech Features


The interior of the 2023 Toyota Crown stands apart from the Camry. The luxurious materials in the Toyota Crown, such as the larger multi-information display screen and the optional Digital Key compatibility (which allows drivers to control their vehicle from their smartphones), justify that price difference we brought up at the beginning of your read.



Also, the interior seats of the Toyota Crown come dressed in leatherette and cloth, which elevate over the cloth interior of the Toyota Camry. The 2023 Toyota Crown’s technology and feel are probably the most notable separators between these two cars.

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Crown vs. Camry: Which Suits You Best?


When it comes to a comparison of these two vehicles,  each vehicle has its advantages.


The 2023 Toyota Camry might be the right vehicle for you if you are looking for higher gas mileage and a lower price.


Whereas, if you want a more upscale interior, higher horsepower and better visibility, you might drive away with the 2023 Toyota Crown.



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