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Saje Natural Wellness Is A Canadian Company Worth Learning About

Saje Natural Wellness Is A Canadian Company Worth Learning About


Every month this year we have partnered with a different retailer inside West Edmonton Mall to showcase their brand and offer exciting incentives, content and contests for our customers. This month, we are thrilled to announce that Saje Natural Wellness is our feature partner. With two locations inside West Edmonton Mall offering 100% natural products for your home and body, Saje is a Canadian company worth learning about.



What Is Saje Natural Wellness?


Founded in 1992 by couple Kate and Jean-Pierre LeBlanc in Vancouver, Canada, Saje Natural Wellness was built around the idea that health and wellness is the result of small but important choices people make every day. Their goal was to create a series of products that were made from 100% natural products that people could integrate into all aspects of their life easily.


In addition to pioneering the way for plant-based products to enter the mainstream market, Saje is also a family-based company looking to make a meaningful impact in the lives of Canadians for generations. Their commitment to sustainability has meant that already this year they have repurposed over 200,000+ plastic water bottles — a huge contribution to the health of our planet.



What Are Some Of The Products Saje Carries?


While a lot of brands tend to specialize in natural products for a specific niche, Saje offers natural products for your skin, body and home. They carry everything from diffusers to essential oils, hand soaps, cleaning sprays, skin remedies and more.


You can shop their products here. 


All of the products Saje carries are backed by science and make use of cruelty-free products. Many are also sold as Natural Health Products in Canada — so you know they are safe to use. They also avoid harmful ingredients like parabens and SLS and none of their products carry artificial fragrances.



What can we say? Our team at West Edmonton Mall Toyota are big fans of Saje products. In fact, when we first moved our dealership into the mall, Saje gave us several diffusers and oils as a welcome gift. Aroma Om Deluxe is at Reception and is perfect for large spaces — we’ve been diffusing and loving Liquid Sunshine, Refresh, and Deep Breath on the daily.



Obviously, we are all also a bunch of car fanatics so we are MOST excited for the latest product launch from Saje — the Aroma Wander Diffuser. This portable, limited-edition diffuser fits nicely into a standard cupholder and has a USB charger. Perfect for when you take your Tacoma or RAV4 on that next summer road trip.



Where Can You Find Saje in West Edmonton Mall?


We love having Saje as one of our partner retailers inside West Edmonton Mall! It also makes it easy to swing by because they have two locations. You can find their wide range of products at Phase II or Phase III.



Stay tuned for feature content to learn more about their brand and how you can use their products on yourself, inside your home and now inside your new vehicle from your favourite dealership inside West Edmonton Mall.

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