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How To Set Up Amazon Alexa in Your Toyota

How To Set Up Amazon Alexa in Your Toyota


Available on 2020 and newer Toyota models, equipped with Remote Connect, Amazon Alexa will allow you to complete select remote vehicle commands from your Alexa built-in home device. To use these commands, you’ll need to be enrolled in Remote Connect. You will also need to have an Amazon account. Download the Alexa app and connect the Toyota Skill For Alexa to your Toyota app account.


A skill is like an app for Alexa. It has been created by Toyota and can be used to initiate certain remote functions on equipped vehicles. Follow these simple steps to get started.



Setting Up Amazon Alexa in Your New Toyota


STEP 1: Ensure your vehicle is equipped with Remote Connect and you have enrolled in the service.


STEP 2: Sign in to your Amazon account on or open the Alexa app. Search for and enable the Toyota skill.  On the app, tap Menu, then skills. Here search for “Toyota” and then select and enable.


STEP 3: Once enabled, sign into the skill with your Toyota app login.


STEP 4: Select your vehicle, create and confirm a four-digit PIN and then select SAVE.


The PIN you created will be needed for commands that result in a remote action, like starting your vehicle and unlocking the doors. The PIN is not required to retrieve vehicle status information.


What Does Amazon Alexa Do?


Provided your vehicle is in an area where there is reliable cellular service, and your Alexa built-in device with the Toyota skill is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to complete the following demands. With Amazon Alexa, you can remotely start and stop your engine as well as remotely lock and unlock your doors. It can also provide status updates by answering questions like “how many kilometres are on my car?” and “how much fuel do I have?” and more.


Before you use the Toyota Skill for Amazon Alexa be sure you are using it in a safe and compliant manner. For more information and to see if your vehicle is compatible, click here.

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