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Explore the WEM Toyota App

Explore the WEM Toyota App

Did you know that we have our own app? Yes, you heard that right. Our West Edmonton car dealership has its very own app called the WEM Toyota App! 


But did you know that you can get cash discounts toward purchases through our points system, or coupons to West Edmonton Mall stores exclusive to West Edmonton Mall Toyota customers? Our app has countless benefits for our customers, and we’re here to give you a rundown of the WEM Toyota App.


Your WEM Toyota App


The WEM Toyota App download screen in the Apple store.


Your WEM Toyota App

Our West Edmonton Mall Toyota app can be downloaded on the Apple or Google Play stores for your iPhone and Android devices. 

Follow the steps below to register to receive exclusive app benefits as our West Edmonton Mall Toyota customer.


How to Register

Once you’ve downloaded the app from your app store of choice, open the app to our Login / Sign Up screen! 


To create a new account, follow the sign-up steps listed. For existing West Edmonton Mall Toyota customers, use the same email address or phone number listed on your customer account with us. This will ensure your collected customer points transfer to your app correctly!


The Sign Up screen for the WEM Toyota App.


You can contact our team here if you aren’t sure which contact details to use.


WEM Toyota App Features

You can now explore all the features our app has to offer! Let’s focus on the main dashboard for now.


The app dashboard, showcasing the picture of a Toyota vehicle and other icons on the homescreen.


There are 3 main icons you can see on your home dashboard, including “Points”, “WEM Offers” and “Book”. We’ll be exploring those features a little later in this blog. Let’s draw our eyes to the “Featured” option at the bottom of your dashboard!


Seasonal Promotions

In this Featured section, you can swipe through current offers from our West Edmonton car dealership. We’ll highlight deals on new and pre-owned vehicles, seasonal promotions, and service offers.



You can see an envelope icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, these are your notifications! Click on these to see any important account or vehicle news from our team.


A close-up of the dashboard and the notifications icon.

Drop-down Menu

In the top left-hand corner of your screen, you will see a list icon that resembles a hamburger. This is your main drop-down menu with a list of available features, such as “My Profile”. You can update your basic details, contact details, and security and notification settings here!


Watch our app in action here:

Our Points System

Let’s dive into our West Edmonton Mall Toyota customer points system!

You can access the points system through one of two ways: by clicking the “Points” icon on your dashboard, or selecting “Points” under your drop-down menu.


My Points

You can see how many points you have accumulated on your Points screen. Each point is worth a dollar value of $1.00, and can be accrued through purchases at West Edmonton Mall Toyota! 


Points stay active for 5 years and can be used towards future purchases at our dealership. (Like a down payment on a new vehicle at our West Edmonton car dealership!)


The points screen in the WEM Toyota App, showcasing how many points have been collected.


Redeeming Points

To redeem points at our dealership, you will need your phone! To redeem your points, open your app to the “Points” screen and hit “Redeem”. A special one-time code will show up, and you need to show this to your Service Advisor. Your points will be automatically removed from your account, and your Service Advisor will remove the dollar amount from your bill.


Note: if you only want to redeem a set amount of points, you can type in your custom amount in the “Enter Points to Redeem” bar. 


Sharing Points

You may have noticed that we have a Shared Points feature. You can now share points with a partner, a friend, or a family member in the same household, and pool points together for future purchases. 


Select “Share My Points” from the drop-down menu to invite others to share points with you.

Want to learn more about the WEM Toyota App points system? Click here


WEM Toyota App Exclusive Discounts

Let’s get down to the goods… As a West Edmonton Mall Toyota customer, you get access to exclusive coupons and savings at West Edmonton Mall through our app!


The West Edmonton Mall offers available on the app.


View these savings by clicking “WEM Offers” on your dashboard or drop-down menu. Scroll through our monthly features, or search by category to find offers tailored to you.

See some of our deals from the app on our Instagram here.


Booking Service Appointments

Another great feature of our app is booking a service appointment or test drive straight from your phone!


You can view and click on these booking options by clicking “Book” on your main dashboard. Follow the steps that pop up to confirm your service booking!


The contact section of the app, with different icon selections for booking appointments.


Are you in need of a service appointment for your vehicle? Click here


WEM Toyota App FAQs

If you’re exploring our app and have a question, check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” from our drop-down menu. We have commonly asked questions about app registration, points redemption, notifications, and more listed here.


Didn’t find the answer to your question? You can ask us directly by using our “Questions” service. Click “Contact” from the drop-down menu, and fill out your question in the space provided. A member of our team will get back to you shortly.


The question tab where you can contact one of the members of the WEM Toyota team.


Your West Edmonton Car Dealership

West Edmonton Mall Toyota is proud to provide you with a host of new and pre-owned vehicles, auto repair services, and detailing appointments. We’re your preferred car dealership for all makes and models, with one of the largest auto service centers in Edmonton and convenient dealership hours.


Download our app today by clicking here.

Follow us along on Instagram to stay up to date with our dealership. 


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