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Explaining Toyota EV Drive Mode

Explaining Toyota EV Drive Mode


Some Toyota hybrid models are equipped with EV Drive Mode which allows the vehicle to operate as an electric vehicle without help from the gasoline engine.


In EV Drive Mode, electric power is supplied by the hybrid battery and the electric motor is used to drive the vehicle silently and without emissions. This mode is useful when driving in residential areas late at night, in indoor parking lots, or when there is concern for noise and exhaust emissions.




How To Operate EV Drive Mode


When EV Drive Mode is turned on, the EV Drive Mode indicator will illuminate. Pressing this switch when in EV Drive Mode will return the vehicle to normal hybrid driving using the gasoline engine and electric motor.


When the battery can no longer provide power for EV driving, a buzzer will sound. The EV Mode indicator will flash, then turn off and the vehicle will revert to hybrid operation. The engine and other systems including those that convert kinetic energy to electricity will recharge the battery as before.


When driving EV Drive Mode, the gasoline engine may automatically restart if:


  • The hybrid battery becomes low
  • Vehicle speed is high
  • The accelerator pedal is depressed firmly
  • The vehicle is on a hill


How Far Can I Drive In EV Drive Mode?



The range of operation in EV Mode varies depending on your Toyota model. Some models are limited in their range and speeds while others can achieve full highway speed and travel several kilometres while running entirely on electric power.


With each generation, Toyota Hybrid vehicles add new features while updating others. The target remains as always: exceptional economy, comfort for all occupants, unmatched refinement and a vehicle that is fun to own and drive.

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