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Drive Smart in Alberta: Your Complete Toyota Maintenance Guide

Drive Smart in Alberta: Your Complete Toyota Maintenance Guide

One of the most important things you can do to make sure your vehicle goes the distance is to keep up with your recommended Toyota maintenance schedule. 



Making sure your Toyota gets the regular care it needs (especially in a place like Alberta where extreme weather conditions are common) will be the biggest factor that keeps your car reliable and running for years to come.


Put it this way: Taking care of your own body requires healthy eating, consistent exercise and regular doctor check-ups. Your Toyota needs that same love and care through regular maintenance, Toyota-approved parts and consistent check-ups from the experts.



This post will explain everything you need to know about how to maintain regular service intervals with your Toyota and why it is so essential to the health of your vehicle.


We even share a story of one Toyota customer who says regular maintenance is the reason his Toyota made it to the 1,000,000 km mark!


Toyota Maintenance - Recommended Schedule 


Toyota University Trained Technicians recommend servicing your vehicle every 6 months or 8,000 km, whichever comes first.


During an Alberta winter, debris like road salt and sand can build up on the exterior and underbody of your vehicle and begin to decay the body and various parts.


Sticking to your maintenance schedule allows our experts to properly clean and care for your vehicle to help reduce premature wear and ensure optimal performance.



Depending on the mileage of your vehicle and service interval, maintenance will either include a Toyota Service #1, #2 or # 3.  Service #1 includes a visual inspection of a range of items and making any repairs needed. Service #2 and #3 will have your technicians examining additional components and replacing things like fluids and filters.


Typical recommended maintenance for a Toyota includes: 


Oil Changes: Regular oil changes (usually every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres, depending on the oil type and driving conditions) are vital to keep your engine lubricated and functioning optimally. 


Fluid Checks: This includes checking and potentially replacing coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. Proper fluid levels and quality are crucial for various systems to work correctly and prevent overheating or malfunction.


Tire Rotation and Alignment: Front tires often wear faster than rear tires, which makes tire rotation an important part of regular tire care. Regular alignments give you a far smoother ride, help your tires perform properly and last longer and ultimately keep your vehicle from pulling in one direction. Misaligned wheels can cause big suspension issues and make your vehicle guzzle gas so this maintenance check is important for both your vehicle and your wallet. 


Brake Inspection: Checking brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid is crucial for safety. Worn-out brakes can compromise your ability to stop effectively and nothing is more important than being able to rely on your brakes during an Alberta winter. 


Air Filter Replacement: The engine and cabin air filters need periodic replacement to maintain air quality and engine performance. We recommend inspecting your air filter every six months or 8,000 kilometres, whichever comes first, but replacement will depend on its condition. If you find you do most of your driving in downtown Edmonton or on dusty gravel roads, you might want to change your air filter more often.


Battery Check: Inspecting the battery and its connections can prevent unexpected breakdowns due to a weak or faulty battery. Typically, your Toyota will need a new battery after three to four years depending on the model.


Spark Plug Replacement: Changing spark plugs at recommended intervals improves fuel efficiency and ensures smooth engine operation.


Suspension and Steering Inspection: Checking shocks, struts, and steering components ensures a comfortable ride and proper handling.


Timing Belt/Chain Inspection: The timing belt ensures all the important components in your engine are working together seamlessly. The lifespan of timing belts will vary, depending on the age of the part and the distance driven. Eventually, they become worn and cracked. If a timing belt breaks before it is replaced, it can cause your vehicle to break down, and in some situations, even damage the engine. 



Why is Regular Maintenance Important?


We would be here all day if we got into the nitty-gritty of why bringing your Toyota in for regular servicing is so important. Not only does it ensure the safety, longevity, performance and efficiency of your vehicle, but regular maintenance can also significantly increase the resale value of your vehicle. In Alberta, regular maintenance is even more crucial because of our extreme weather conditions which can be challenging on your vehicle. 



Need even more proof?


Mark Intihar in Ontario surpassed 1 million kilometres on his Toyota Sienna. He said the reason his loyal steed was able to last this long was because of his dad who believed strongly in maintaining the vehicle properly. Especially changing the oil and transmission fluid.


“It sounds good. It starts up every time even in the dead of winter. It's all about maintenance. Don't go past the oil changes, if you need an oil change get one.” 


You can watch his story below. 




How Do I Know When To Bring My Toyota in For Service?


One of the first things you should do after buying your new Toyota is to get familiar with your regular service intervals and recommended maintenance schedule outlined in the owner manual.


You can also stay on top of regular service appointments through the Toyota App which includes Service Connect. It allows you to request monthly reports about current vehicle alerts and more.


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You can even choose to add our team as your local service provider which means we can keep an eye on your vehicle health and maintenance alerts for you. If we are notified about a warning light or recall we can reach out to you directly to schedule an appointment. 


Why Should I Service My Car at West Edmonton Mall Toyota?


You trust a doctor with your health because they are experts trained in the human body. The same applies to Toyota Technicians who are highly trained in both parts of service and know each Toyota model inside-and-out.



From our Service Advisors to our Toyota Trained Technicians, Parts Advisors and Detailers, each member of our West Edmonton Mall Toyota team is trained in the right techniques, tools and materials to keep your Toyota running at its best. 



Maintaining the quality of your vehicle is easy when you keep on top of service appointments and act quickly to address any issues that come up.


Have a question about your Toyota and its servicing needs? Heard a weird sound and need help identifying the issue? Simply want to know more about our team and the specials we offer?


Contact us today at (780) 483-2121 or make an appointment online here.

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