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A Beginner's Guide to Hudson's Bay Inside West Edmonton Mall

A Beginner's Guide to Hudson's Bay Inside West Edmonton Mall


It feels like almost every Canadian knows what Hudson’s Bay is, right? You either passed it in the mall as a kid or have done some shopping in one as an adult. And who doesn’t remember the classic striped Bay Blanket that is probably resting on millions of couches across the country as we speak?



With a wide selection of various goods including everything from apparel to accessories, shoes, luggage, housewares, makeup, perfume and beyond, we know our guests



In honour of our partnership this month, we wanted to feature our favourite iconic Canadian department store on the blog. The history behind Hudson’s Bay is actually really interesting, and in our humble opinion,  it might be one of the best stores in West Edmonton Mall. Let’s dive in!


How Old IS Hudson’s Bay, Actually?


Founded in 1670, Hudson’s Bay opened its first department store in 1881 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As of August 2021, Hudson's Bay has 86 locations in seven Canadian provinces and is officially the oldest and longest-surviving company in North America.



What Was Hudson’s Bay Like in its Early Years?


The Hudson's Bay Company was actually started by two resourceful French traders who discovered just how lucrative the fur training industry could be. Every year the trappers would bring furs to barter for manufactured goods such as knives, kettles, beads, needles, and blankets.



Things started to change towards the end of the 19th century when fur became less popular in the trading business.  The Company decided to pivot to retail, transforming its trading posts into sale shops stocked with a variety of different products that would appeal to a larger demographic. In 1912, they opened their first six department stores known as the ‘original six’, including one right here in Edmonton.


What’s Hudson’s Bay Like Today?


Hudson's Bay has been innovating since the launch of its first stores back in 1912. They launched their first website in 2000. In 2001 they created HBC Rewards, their company loyalty program where customers earn points for purchases at The Bay stores. (Every 2000 points earned is equivalent to a $10 gift card)! They launched a fancy new logo in 2013 and today their brand is recognized in households across Canada.


What Makes Hudson’s Bay in West Edmonton Mall So Great?


One of the biggest reasons we moved our dealership inside the largest mall in North America was to give our customers easy access to all their amazing storefronts and amenities. One of our favourite spots — hands down — has to be The Bay.



From their semi-annual Bay Days sales to their Black Friday and Boxing Week sales, there is always an incredible deal to find inside. Their staff is friendly, and knowledgeable and can help you with everything from finding the right makeup to sourcing the right dish set for your new home.



They also have great offerings that include free curb-side pick-up, virtual and in-store appointments with their shopping experts, and more.


Make a Day Out Of Your Next Service Appointment


We want West Edmonton Mall Toyota to be the most convenient place to service your vehicle in the city. That means extended service hours Monday - Saturday until 9 PM. It also means a massive service bay that can house dozens of vehicles so there is availability whenever you need it.



It also means our guests can explore the mall and get things done while they wait for their vehicle to be finished. Next time you pop in for a service? Check out our friends at The Bay in Phase 1 of the mall. Whether you need a gift, housewares, shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc. — they have it all and then some.

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