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ProTruck Garage hosted the 8th Annual PartSource Car Show on August 25th and it might have been our best one yet! The afternoon included a silent auction and some of the best local food vendors in Edmonton like The Rocket Milkshake and Malt food truck. There was also live entertainment and giveaways for our attendees.
We made sure to have something for everyone, including the little ones. One of the highlights was the ProTruck Tundra set up outside, complete with markers that kids could use to draw on it with. Not to worry, though, they weren’t permanent. We think it was a huge success — just look at those smiles!

All the proceeds raised from the car show went to one of our favourite organizations: Jumpstart Charities. Jumpstart works to ensure kids in our community have access to healthy physical activities and sports teams. 
Whether that’s providing them with the equipment they need or giving them the ability to spend an extra hour on the playground, Jumpstart makes it happen.

A Car Show To Remember

We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better turnout! The sun was hot and the vintage cars were fiery. Everything from classic Chevrolets to a refurbished Cadillac Eldorado was on display, couplerd with some of the sweetest chariots this city has to offer.
The PartSource Car Show is easily one of the highlights of our summer every year. It’s a perfect opportunity for gear heads and families alike to come out, enjoy the weather and take in some beautiful classic cars. Follow ProTruck Garage on Facebook and Twitter for details on future events! Thanks to everyone who came out in support, and we’ll see you next year!

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