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As precautions to protect Albertans from the spread of COVID-19 are implemented, we wanted to provide a list of essential car services you should have done. Having a sound vehicle can be critical in an emergency situation.


While some automotive services you can go a while without receiving, others are absolutely essential. If you live in Edmonton or surrounding areas and need one of these services, our team is here to help.


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#1 Replace Your Air Filter


Your cabin air filter is the first defense between debris and the interior of your vehicle. It keeps pollen and unwanted particles out of your air conditioning and heating system.


People with breathing issues, severe allergies or asthma find they are often worse when their cabin air filter needs to be replaced. Ensure you and your passengers are breathing clean air


#2 Change Your Oil


In order for your engine to keep running, it needs regular oil changes. Oil is one of the most important things in your engine. It keeps all the parts moving cohesively with minimal friction.


When the oil becomes old or needs changing, your engine begins to overheat. If left without an oil change for too long, your entire engine may wear down and need to be replaced. If there was ever a vital service for your vehicle, regular oil changes are that service.


#3 Rotate Tires and Check Air Pressure


Next to oil, your tires are the most important determinator on how your car drives down a road. They are the first point of connection between you and the pavement. Worn-out tires, a flat tire, or low tire pressure can all be extremely dangerous, and could leave you stranded.


We recommend rotating your tires every time you get an oil change. You should also have your alignment checked yearly to ensure your steering is straight. Good alignment is there to make sure you have maximum traction, and that can mean the world in a risky driving situation.



Express Self-Serve Station


In the face of COVID19, we have implemented new strategies to help our guests receive the auto services they need while limiting person-to-person contact. That way, customers can continue to practice social distancing while ensuring their vehicle stays running in case of an emergency.


Our Express Pickup and Drop Off allows customers to drop off, pay and pick-up their vehicle without ever being in contact with another person. These stations are cleaned constantly for your protection. We also have online booking so you can make an appointment from the comfort of your home.


We Can Help


Our team is here for you. Our highly skilled technicians work hard to ensure your vehicle is safe. You and your passengers are on our minds. We want to do everything we can to make sure your car is running smoothly and gets you where you need to go.


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