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2024 Toyota Sequoia vs. 2024 Ford Expedition: Which is Right For You?

2024 Toyota Sequoia vs. 2024 Ford Expedition: Which is Right For You?

Considering either the Toyota Sequoia or Ford Expedition for your next vehicle?


Comfort, performance, and their ability to take Edmonton families on adventures are the reasons why SUVs are booming.


The 2024 Toyota Sequoia and the 2024 Ford Expedition are leading the game when it comes to weaving together these key features.





Both have showcased their best attributes in terms of style and performance, but the aspects they focus on are different. One is more spacious, and the other has veered its focus towards style. So... which one is right for Edmonton families?


Join us as we explore these two vehicles, discovering which delivers the perfect feel as you hit Edmonton roads.


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Toyota Sequoia



Robust size and curves that scream power are the themes the 2024 Toyota Sequoia has gone with. Yet, beneath this simplicity lies internal sophistication, showcasing a keen orientation towards the details.


The LED auto-levelling headlights featuring sequential turn signals are bestowed with stylish curves while enhancing visibility. Here, form and function seamlessly intertwine. With it comes to the wheels, the 2024 Sequoia has gone with simplicity but without compromising size.


With a size of 55 centimetres, the wheels further accentuate this SUV's emphasis on scale. Power-extending mirrors extend on each size, using their retractability to the car's advantage, giving drivers ample style and substance.


Ford Expedition



Ford Expedition is a great choice for drivers seeking more size and comfort. Its wide wheelbase and the bottom accentuate how much bigger this SUV is than many of its competitors. Considering that it still manages to have a sporty look is pretty impressive. This stylish touch comes from the maker's decision to revamp the bumper's look.


In terms of wheels, the Ford Expedition has chosen a safe approach. 45-centimetre aluminum wheels with magnetic painted sockets are functional, but they don't necessarily give this beast an elevated look.


Winner: Toyota Sequoia


Considering only exterior features, it's evident why Toyota Sequoia's robust design surpasses the simplistic style of the Ford Expedition. The Expedition's orientation towards comfort hasn't given it much leeway to experiment with the look.




Toyota Sequoia



With its i-FORCE MAC Twin-Turbo V6 Hybrid engine, Toyota Sequoia has done a lot to improve its efficiency. The 2024 Toyota Sequoia is rated at 12.6 L/100 km in the city, 10.5 on the highway, and 11.7 in combined driving, with an estimated annual fuel cost of $3,393 on regular-grade gasoline, (according to


The engine comes with an HV electric motor, giving it 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque. Moreover, the electric motor has been placed between the engine and the transmission, giving drivers an excellent feel as they shift gear.


Other unique attributes include a drive mode, which lets drivers shift between Eco, Normal, Sport, Sport S, and other modes that drivers can customize. A TOW/HAUL and Tow+ mode also enhances the SUVs towing capabilities.


Ford Expedition



Performance is where we can see the cost of accentuating the size of the Ford Expedition. Ford lags behind many of its competitors with an estimated fuel economy of 14.1 L/100km when you drive in the city and 10.7 L/100km for highway driving.


However, the engine featured in this 2024 variant of the Ford Expedition is the EcoBoost, a 3.5-liter engine boasting 380 horsepower. With these attributes, whilethe Ford Expedition won't have many issues tacking uphill stretches or freeway speeds, long drives might create problems.


The reasons for these small shortfalls in performance can be blamed on the size of the Ford Expedition. Regarding the transmission, the Ford Expedition is equipped with a 10-speed SelectShift Automatic transmission.


Winner: Toyota Sequoia


The Toyota Sequoia's robust approach to efficiency outperforms the Ford Expedition's more linear approach. With multiple modes available and an engine that complements the size of the vehicle, Toyota Sequoia has focused on efficiency. On the other hand, while the Ford Expedition's engine is optimal, the sheer size of the vehicle curbs its performance. So, the clear winner here is the 2024 Toyota Sequoia.




Toyota Sequoia



Toyota Sequoia blends a panoramic moonroof with beautiful interiors, complete with heated and ventilated first- and second-row leather seating. There is also a sliding and power sliding adjustable cargo shelf for those looking for some extra space.



That said, the 2024 Toyota Sequoia has traded off some space for efficiency. While not bad, this exchange may cause some discomfort for larger families.


Ford Expedition





Ford Expedition features a spacious interior with a lot of focus on space and style. There are two interiors to choose from: cloth or leather.


The added element of customizable colours will allow drivers to call their vehicle their own truly. Regarding cargo space, there is plenty of room in the back. What makes Ford Expedition's interior truly stand out, however, is the third-row seating, which works well for the extra guests.


Winner: Ford Expedition


The Expedition's spacious interiors focus primarily on comfort and style. On the other hand, style is what the Toyota Sequoia's interior will be remembered for. Therefore, the Ford Expedition is the winner if we judge the interiors based solely on form and function.


Infotainment and Tech


Toyota Sequoia



The multimedia touchscreen is scaled perfectly with the 2024 Toyota Sequoia. Its dual Bluetooth attribute offers drivers hands-free capabilities.


Furthermore, the multi-informational display is customizable. An extra screen is provided by a digital rearview mirror, which has an integrated transceiver button for easier access to garage doors.


Clutter is minimized with Qi Wireless charging, and travel is made easy with multiple AC power outlets.


In terms of entertainment, the 2024 Toyota Sequoia comes with Wireless Apple CarPlay Compatibility. Combined with 14 engineered speakers by JBL and a 3-month subscription from SiriusXM, this vehicle makes long drives fun.


Ford Expedition



Ford Expedition also has a decent offering of tech features. Content on individual devices can be enjoyed via a WiFi hotspot, driving is hands-free with Ford BlueCruise, and the vehicle is more maneuverable with a 360-degree camera. All aspects are displayed on a 15.5-inch touchscreen, adding another style layer to the vehicle's interiors.


Winner: Toyota Sequoia


The Sequoia has a lot more going for it in terms of interior tech features. The multi-faceted approach to multimedia that also gives users a 3-month trial and a digital rearview mirror makes Toyota Sequoia a clear winner here.


2024 Toyota Sequoia is a Top Choice For Edmonton Families


The year 2024 will be a significant one for SUVs and the Toyota Sequoia and Ford Expedition will be two top choices for Edmonton families. The Expedition is spacious and has multiple multimedia-focused and self-driving technologies. However, its sheer size limits its performance.




The 2024 Toyota Sequoia, however, is an all-rounded choice giving families the best of everything: fuel economy, space and interior tech features. Carefully combining aesthetics and function, this vehicle has accomplished the delicate balance needed for an SUV.




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