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Shopping for a new car looks the same for most people. First, you do some research online. You read some blogs, watch a few YouTube videos, and compare your favourite models on their websites.


Eventually, you find a car you love. The next step is the test drive, arguably the most important part of the car-buying process This is an opportunity to have all your questions answered.


So before you get behind the wheel, sit down and think about what you want to know. Here are ten things we recommend asking on your next test drive.


#10 Does the Car Seat Fit?


This is an essential for parents and growing families. Bring your car seat and stroller along and be sure to answer the following questions:


  • Does the car seat fit?
  • How easy is the car seat to install?
  • Does the stroller fit?
  • Is there enough room for diaper bags, toys, and backpacks?


#9 What About the Cup Holders?

As soon as you sit down, take a look around you. How many cup holders are there? Where are they located? Do you have a favourite mug? Will it fit?


#8 Can You Hear Yourself Think?


Better yet… can you hear others talk? Check to see how loud the engine is and how much road noise you can hear. Obviously, the quieter, the better.


#7 Can I See?


One of the most common things customers fail to notice is how many blind spots there are and where they are located in the vehicle. Be sure you can see from every angle.


#6 Is It Difficult to Park?



Most people end up parking their vehicles half-a-dozen times a day. While most trucks and large SUVs can be difficult to park, new technology and features such as a backup camera can make the process a lot easier. Be sure to try and navigate your way into a couple of tight spots before you sign on the dotted line.


#5 How Does Your Music Sound?


Sit back and crank the tunes. How does it sound? Hop in the backseat and listen from there. Is it just as good? Trust us, having good sound quality for your favourite songs is one of the biggest essentials in any new vehicle.


#4 How Warm Am I?


Try out the air conditioning and heating vents. Can you feel them from every point in the vehicle? Time how long they take to kick-in. You’ll thank yourself on the next cold Edmonton winter night.


#3 How Does it Feel on the Highway?


On your test drive, try your best to have a blend of city and highway driving.


  • How does the vehicle handle in heavy traffic?
  • Does the car make strange noises on the highway?
  • How fast does it accelerate?
  • How quickly do the brakes work?
  • Can you hear wind noises?


#2 Can I Work The Infotainment System?



Have a Product Advisor walk you through the infotainment system. Be sure the controls are easy to use. Does your phone pair easily? How quick is the navigation system? What does the touchscreen feel like?


#1 How Safe Is It?


These days, manufacturers are investing millions of dollars into developing technologies that keep their customers safe.


In fact, safety has become one of the biggest deciders for people buying a new vehicle. Be sure to ask what safety features are included in the model you’re driving, and know how to work them.


Take a Test Drive Today


Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Be sure to take a few test drives, even if you fall in love with the first vehicle you drive. Comparing multiple models will help you find the perfect fit for your driving and lifestyle needs.


Have a question? Shopping for a new car in the Edmonton area? Shop our online inventory or leave a comment below.


We’ve helped customers across Alberta and in cities such as Spruce Grove, St. Albert and beyond find their dream new Toyotas or used vehicles!

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